Coffee Machine Pods

by oilman on April 3, 2008

A Different Coffee Brewing Solution: Coffee Machine Pods are a different way of brewing coffee. They help to prevent grounds in your pot or on the counter, and helps with making your coffee at the strength you desire. They may have been available for some time but they have grown in popularity recently due to manufacturers now making more flavors available.

The pod is aimed at making things easier for the consumer. They are available in different sizes and flavors for you to try. Coffee is put into filter material in a pre measured amount depending on how much you'd like to make at the time. All you have to do is make your coffee just like you would if you were making it normally.

Clean up is easy as all you do is toss the used pod in the trash. Then you are ready to brew a new pot almost instantly. Now instead of having to add any flavor shot or a flavored creamer to your coffee, you can choose one of a variety of pre-measured flavored pods that are available for the consumer and not just regular or decaffeinated anymore. Some of the more popular flavors are cinnamon and hazelnut.


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Because there are so many different sizes of coffee makers the consumer can use, the pods can be found in various sizes. Everything from a one-cup pod to a ten to twelve-cup is now available, making it easier for consumers to brew their coffee. The most popular size being the four-cup that was normally only found in motels around the country.

This is because four-cup coffee maker sales have had a surge in recent times. Part of the convenience of these pods is that if you're pressed for time you can save a few moments by just having to put the pod in the filter basket, fill it with water with the amount you need, and then brew your coffee. There are those who find not having grounds all over their kitchen and just having to throw away a pod, worth the few extra pennies they'll spend for each pot of coffee they make.

No matter what reason you prefer for choosing the coffee pod, you'll be able to find a size and flavor that you desire. They are helpful when making your morning coffee and also with cleaning out the filter basket. And if you've got a cone-shaped filter basket, they have pods that come in that size and shape.

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